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Handler Lesson (work with owner and dog)


  • Functional obedience (sit, stay, recall, etc.)

  • Leash Reactivity/Aggression

  • Tricks (rollover, sit pretty, speak, etc.)

  • Off Leash Skills

  • Environmental exposure (stores, bars, etc.)

  • **Video footage and pictures of your dog are provided

Power Hour (work with dog)


  • Functional obedience (sit, stay, recall, etc.)

  • Tricks (rollover, sit pretty, speak, etc.)

  • Dog walking (engagement outside)

  • Dog park (social skills)

  • Environmental exposure (stores, bars, etc.)

  • Structured energy outlet (bike, run, rollerblading, fetch, tug, etc.)

  • **Video footage and pictures of your dog are provided

Services We offer

Jawaan Jackson

-Co-founder -Canine Trainer -Dog Behaviorist



Every Single Day's owner, dog trainer, and canine behavior expert Jawaan Jackson conducts evaluations, dog leading lessons and dog training lessons.


Chicago area native and dog lover. During his youth, he owned and raised dogs, played high school basketball with the Oak Park Huskies, and stayed connected to the dog world by volunteering at shelters and working at daycares.


He got his start working with dogs at a local dog shelter. There he learned the importance of reading dog body language and communication skills. He also worked at a few dog daycare centers before starting his human and dog training career. He’s trained hundreds of companion dogs, working dogs, and hundreds of dog leaders/owners.


Jawaan is devoted to turning the owners into leaders by creating a plan that works for both the leader and the dog that will set the relationship up for success. He feels the most important part is the leader learning how to fulfill and stimulate the dog mentally and physically Every Single Day.


Jawaan is passionate about his craft and has the natural ability to recognize drive, temperament, and disposition in all breeds and to communicate with dogs. He has the know-how to optimize a dog’s true potential and the skill to temper and train even the most difficult dog.


His personal dogs include a Belgian Malinois named Akila and a Boxer mix named Rizzo.

Jason Gant

-Co-founder -Prodcutions Manger -Dog Handler



Jason Gant is a 2019 graduate of Howard University with a B.B.A in Finance. He spends most of his days playing and coaching basketball, developing the ESD brand, as well as documenting Jawaans work with dogs.


Jason enjoys capturing authentic dog moments on film because he believes it is important for the world to see what pets are truly capable of. Documenting the process of dogs getting better and having fun brings joy to both him and dog owners.


With over 5 years worth of experience working for dog daycare's in Chicago and Washington D.C, Jason's love for dogs continues to grow. Jason has a 14 year old lab mix named Harlem and with them being together for so long, Jason is always ready to assist with handling dogs and giving advice to new dog owners.

Save money buy a package

Private Lesson Package

Platinum: 5 Lessons

-$360 up front 


Power Hour Package

Bronze: 5 lessons

-$275 up front 


Gold: 20 lessons

-$900 up front 


You are guaranteed a fulfilled and tired dog (mentally and physically). You will also receive long and short clips of each session.


Every Single Dog Can Become Better

We can lead Every Single Dog. Welcome to Every Single Day Chicago Area Dog Training, where we work with all breeds, sizes, ages, behaviors, and temperaments. Become your dog's pack leader so you can take your dog anywhere you go!

Diamond: 10 Lessons

-$720 up front 


Silver: 10 lessons

-$550 up front