Every Single Day is a game that was created to help inspire people to....

Stay Motivated
Stay Disciplined 
Stay Consistent

Live The Lifestyle

Develop The Mindset

Who Is ESD For?

with exercising through the use of friendly competition

Select a Fitness Exercise



Decide on the # of Reps


Choose your opponent

Which friend do you want to get better with?

Play The Game

Complete your exercise within your designated 24 hours

A number that is reasonable 

Best friends who want to get better, and a have a competitive drive in their hearts that makes losing not option play this game

Get Set

Get Ready


Compete To Be Fit Every Single Day

The Grind

100 push-ups ESD Competition

7000 push-ups

4 days ago

7,100 push-ups

3 days ago

7,200 push-ups

2 days ago

7,300 push-ups


7,400 push-ups


We Keep Track of Your Stats

The more work you put in, the more work your best friend has to put in. Every Single Day is bigger than you!

Hold Each Other Accountable

Use our Instagram platform to send short clips of your workout to your competitor


Compete for that top spot and earn your bragging rights

Success is a journey not a destination

Enjoy this journey 

"The Every Single Day competition allows me to exercise my competitive drive while staying fit, so it's the best of both worlds."

"ESD has helped me be more intentional with my workouts. Now I pair my daily cardiio with my sit-up challenge and I can feel myself getting stronger."

"What Every Single Day has done for me is growth. Not just growth from the physical workouts but growth of the mind."


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